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Season 28 Draft News Empty Season 28 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:10 am

Week 3
"The most powerful man in football - He'll still hit the weight room, but strictly for workout purposes, as ROLB Brayden McCray has chosen to drop is pursuit of Olympic gold in power-lifting in favour of football..."
SMLE Draft Expert: McCray is a conundrum, a man without a position. He's got super strength but terrible hand fighting, he's decent in coverage but not got the speed for safety, where his strength is also wasted. High ceiling but someone will need to be happy with a tweener project come draft time. 
Combine Review: 6.5 - So much for the strongest man in football, but he has great speed and elite agility to cover TEs in the pros. 19 reps isn't bad for his smaller frame. 
Player Comparison: Su'a Cravens - Cravens at least showed more ability to play safety but from a size/speed/strength/tweener standpoint McCray is more LB than SS. 
Draft Projection: Round 2 to 3 - Someone will fall in love with the potential but he needs work.

Week 4
"Tweet: HB Deandre DeGeare can play... When he wants to. Too many games lately where he hasn't wanted to."
SMLE Draft Expert: DeGeare puts up good stats and is a weapon in the pass game but he hates contact and if there's not an open lane is easily shut down. I wouldn't trust him between the tackles so he's a 3rd down backup.
Combine Review: 6.6 - A so-so combine left the HBs stock falling further. He's not bad, he's just not good at much either. 
Player Comparison: Corey Grant - decent hands with some ability to make people miss but a lifetime backup. 
Draft Projection: Round 4 to 6 - a coach will need a 3rd down HB but expect a slide on draft day.

Week 6
"Tweet: looks like offensive linemen have figured out how to solve LE E.J. Nalen. Not a good sign for his draft stock"
SMLE Draft Expert: Nalen isn't a bad player, he's just a simple player. He's got a good motor, aggressive streak and young enough to develop but right now if you stop his bull rush dead with a TE chip block he doesn't have the repertoire of moves to recover.
Combine Review: 7.0 - As predicted, he's got the power and burst but not the speed or motor. Great vertical, okay agility and speed and elite strength but undersized for a 34. 
Player Comparison: Trent Murphy - Simple high effort power rusher who does his job well but not flashy.
Draft Projection: Rounds 2 to 3 - Edge rushers are always in demand and some coach will think they can develop him.

Week 7
"Tweet: Lewis Drake, great D-Line prospect, just went down with long term injury, tough luck!"
SMLE Draft Expert: It's like Drake knew the injury would affect his movement so he turned up to the combine jacked and ready to lift. No longer a decent fit for the 43end but in a 34 he's a great project. 
Combine Review: 6.4 - Great to see Drake make it to the combine but the injury really sapped the burst and lateral quickness out of him. 
Player Comparison: Eddie Vanderdoes - decent athlete on the DL having to rehab a torn ACL.
Draft Projection: Rounds 4 to 5.

Week 9
"Brick Wall - Tyre Barr showed how valuable a dominant offensive lineman can be, completely shutting down Cedric Paymah in Buffalo's victory"
SMLE Draft Expert: RT Tye Barr was generating a little bit of Day2 traction amongst draft analysts but a lot of the experts were doubtful if he'd crack a Day1 selection. He's proven that he has the technique to take on the elite bull rushers but is slow and cumbersome against nifty speed rushers. He's good at what he does, he's bad at the rest but possesses potential.
Combine Review: 5.7 - It was a slow showing for Barr who looked lethargic but managed to pull it back with a decent bench press.
Player Comparison: Andre Smith - Good feet and anchor against power rushers but needs coaching to achieve his potential.
Draft Projection: Rounds 1 to 2 - The market for OL is still strong.

SMLE Draft Expert: DE Cedric Paymah was viewed as the most complete DE in the last few draft classes, with tape showing explosiveness, speed and a phenomenal angry bull rush. In steps the perfect Kryptonite, a power pass blocker who exposed that once you take the bull by the horns, he's got nowhere to go. The lack of other moves isn't a killer to his stock but some might shy away from what could be a project.
Combine Review: 7.0 - Great speed, fantastic burst & bend and elite strength, cemented a top5 pick. 
Player Comparison: Jason Pierre Paul - Great athlete with good length whole need to develop his rushing moves in the Pros.
Draft Projection: Top5 - Seen as a consensus Top5 pick, the bad tape might cause a tumble in the 1st round come draft day.

Week 12
"Tweet: Word is DT Crosby Barcley has serious business aspirations, so much so he's giving up football"
SMLE Draft Expert: Barcley is an odd fit, he's got the size and strength to play 3 or 5 tech but lacks the passion to stick in the run game. But then he's got great hand technique and speed so earns his draft grade based on getting to the QB. 
Combine Review: 6.5 - good speed for his size, decent burst, agility and strength. 
Player Comparison: Shariff Floyd - a draft day fall due to rumours circulating, Floyd had more talent so Barcley will fall further. 
Draft Projection: Round 2 to 4 - He's got enough talent to be drafted but an odd scheme fit for most coaches.

Week 15
"Tweet: Whether he gets drafted or not, I think Curtis Novak WILL be kicking in the NFL at some point."
SMLE Draft Expert: Novak is NFL ready after keeping Iowa state in contention at every game. He's great under pressure and has elite accuracy but has an average leg in terms of power.
Combine Review: 3.3 - What did you expect, he's a kicker??! Some speed and agility. 
Player Comparison: Adam Vinatieri - Great under pressure but not the biggest leg.
Draft Projection: Rounds 4 to 6 - a 3rd is too high unless a team has few needs, a 4th seems good.

"George gets his hands on Heisman - CB Leonard George was recognised today as not just the best receiver in college football, but as the best player overall. The LSU star was awarded the Heisman Trophy in New York City."
SMLE Draft Expert: George was a weapon at LSU, playing CB, WR, HB and returner. He doesn't have the most natural hands or elite moves so projects better on defense. I'm surprised he took the Heisman over some top college players such as DE Cedric Paymah, HB Tavin Oneill AND WR Farrington Fisher but the judges fell in love with the three way weapon.
Combine Review: 7.4 - No surprises, elite all around athlete with blazing speed. 
Player Comparison: Patrick Peterson - Big bodied CB with good hands and elite man cover skills and a some moves with the ball in his hands.
Draft Projection: Top 5 - elite DB who projects as a shutdown corner and pick machine.

"Tweet: Just a rumour of C Senn wanting to take a year off before he enters the NFL have sent his draft stock tumbling"
SMLE Draft Expert: Senn is a Senior thinking of skipping the NFL altogether in favour of becoming a internship as an astro-physicist with NASA. Don't mistake him for a nerd though, this guys a hulk on the OL with great size and aggression but scouts wonder how long his passion for science will take a back seat. 
Combine Review: 5.4 - Didn't wow at the combine. Decent all around athlete. 
Player Comparison: John Urschel - Natural talent at OL and a very intelligent but retired early. 
Draft Projection: Rounds 3 to 5 - He's got natural talent to hold a block but his ability and passion is questioned. 

"Tweet: C Richard Lucky is right at the top of my OL rankings. All-Star Game ensured that won't change"
SMLE Draft Expert: Lucky is a decent centre in a poor class so pushed up the draft board... Lucky that? He's undersized and lacks the point of attack needed for a solid run block OL. But he's a great technician with quick feet whole have to get nasty if he want's to succeed in the NFL. 
Combine Review: 5.7 - fantastic feet translates to speed and quickness but only decent strength.
Player Comparison:  Rodney Hudson - Fantastic technical pass blocker who developed a decent run game. 
Draft Projection: Rounds 1 to 2 - Someone will need a C and could reach in the 1st. The potential and ability seems like a 2nd rounder though.

"Tweet: The chief concern about Harper going into the draft is his footspeed. Really? Have these GMs heard of a QB named Brady?"
SMLE Draft Expert: Caleb Harper is entering the draft as an offensive weapon at returner, QB and running back. He had a great season at South Dakota but it was all his legs. Without the natural arm talent and now the questions that he's got heavy feet as a runner (resulting in few missed tackles), what position will he naturally settle into?
Combine Review: 6.6 - He worked hard on getting his 40 up to translate better as a HB than QB, his other measurables were okay but I'd want to see him strengthen up in the pros.
Player Comparison: Joe Webb - Both can run and neither can really pass. Harper has less size but way better security. 
Draft Projection: Rounds 3 to 5 - He's young enough with good enough ball security to get drafted, but without a good OL to open holes he's not going far one on one.

"Tweet: HB Joel Warren is looking like the real deal. Can't wait to see what he can do at the next level."
SMLE Draft Expert: This draft is LOADED of big plodding HBs and Warren fits right in. He's got decent straight line speed, burst but doesn't turn well and scouts wish they could see him initiate more contact. 
Combine Review: 7.3 - Decent speed and burst, stiff hips but can bench for days. 
Player Comparison: Peyton Hillis - Hopefully he can stay healthier than Hillis but if he works on his drive during contact he could be an everydown powerback.
Draft Projection: Rounds 2 to 4 - The draft is stocked with hungrier power backs but he's got talent. 

"Tweet: It went sour quickly for LT Russel Slowey at the Combine. He's going to take a hit in my OL rankings for sure."
SMLE Draft Expert: Slowey is anything but!!! Fast, agile and strong. He's young and it shows, he's got sloppy technique coming out of his stance and hand placement and it showed in the drills. Buyer beware.
Combine Review: 6.6 - Looked great in all the drills, gets to the 2nd level and super strong.
Player Comparison: Erik Fisher - Super gifted OL athlete who could never quite put it all together.
Draft Projection: Round 1 - need pushes demand and he plays a premium position. 

"Tweet: I wonder what went on in LE Idreis Hadley's interviews at the Combine. Word is he raised a few eyebrows."
SMLE Draft Expert: He's big, he's fast and he's strong but he's got an attitude. Hadly can play the 1, 3 and 5-tech in 43 and 34. He's got a huge frame and good muscle build which translates well in the run game but lacks the developed pass rush skills to stay on the field every down. 
Combine Review: 7.0 - Great height, decent speed and all around athlete. Elite strength.
Player Comparison: Robert Nkemdiche - He's got the talent like Nkemdiche but he dropped in the draft due to some rumours regarding attitude. 
Draft Projection: Rounds 2 to 4 - Coaches will overlook his attitude for the talent but he's not go the pass rush to stick in the top of the draft.

"Tweet: A Solid Combine for FS Kierre Faggins but not a spectacular one. Didn't set himself apart among DBs"
SMLE Draft Expert: I agree with the scouts on this one, Faggins is a converted CB who lacks the speed to stay with a WR in man but has great technique, and has great agility but is poor reading zone concepts. A conundrum of a player. 
Combine Review: 6.3 - Ok speed, great hips and burst, decent strength and vertical. 
Player Comparison: Johnthan Banks - Banks was a decent enough DB in college but projected poorly at CB in the pros.
Draft Projection: Rounds 1 to 3 - It'll take a coach to fall in love to take him high so expect sometime in round 3.

Pro Day
"Tweet: MLB Larez Truluck may have been leap frogged by a couple other LBs on Pro Day. But he's still pretty high up the rankings."
SMLE Draft Expert: Whilst some LBs like McCray, Tank Payne and Blackwell have been showing off their athleticism, Truluck appeared slow and stiff but without that thumper mentality. He's put the 1st and could slide further.
Combine Review: 6.3 - Slow, poor sideline2sideline ability but a great bench press. If only he could translate that to bringing the wood!
Player Comparison: EJ Henderson - He could do some great things back in the day without being a speedster or enforcer. But this isn't a run league anymore.
Draft Projection: Round 2 to 4 - he'll get picked up once the other athletic LBs have been selected.

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Season 28 Draft News Empty Re: Season 28 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:11 am

Madden Board

1LECedric Paymah22Power Rusher43
2HBBennett Wootton24Power Back
3QBMarkus Haggerty21Strong Arm
4HBTavin Oneill21Power Back
5LEWill Onatolu21Run Stopper34
6REAllen Wadsworth23Speed Rusher43
7LOLBLeveon Waters22Power Rusher34
8LTRussel Slowey21Agile
9LTDarren Rose22Agile
10WRFarrington Fisher22Red Zone Threat
11CBLeonard George21Man to Man
12CBRoss Horne23Slot
13LOLBTank Payne21Pass Coverage
14WRDaniel Turk21Possession
15CBKenneth Knight21Slot
16TEAnthony Laury21Blocking
17RGWill Dye22Agile
18LGMartinez Mahaffey21Pass Protector
19RGAnthony Mack24Pass Protector
20SSPierce Gholston22Run Support
21MLBLatwan Blackwell21Field General
22CBLynn Snow22Zone
23QBSealii Norman21West Coast
24MLBLarez Truluck24Field General
25RTTyre Barr22Power
26QBShawn Boling22West Coast
27DTShaman Gilbert21Run Stopper
28LGBrandon West22Pass Protector
29CBJoey Groce21Man to Man
30CBDouglas Sullivan24Man to Man
31FSKierre Faggins21Hybrid
32MLBEaston Curtis21Run Stopper

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