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Season 28 Draft News

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Season 28 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:10 am

Week 3
"The most powerful man in football - He'll still hit the weight room, but strictly for workout purposes, as ROLB Brayden McCray has chosen to drop is pursuit of Olympic gold in power-lifting in favour of football..."
SMLE Draft Expert: McCray is a conundrum, a man without a position. He's got super strength but terrible hand fighting, he's decent in coverage but not got the speed for safety, where his strength is also wasted. High ceiling but someone will need to be happy with a tweener project come draft time. 
Combine Review: X - 
Player Comparison: Su'a Cravens - Cravens at least showed more ability to play safety but from a size/speed/strength/tweener standpoint McCray is more LB than SS. 
Draft Projection: Round 2 to 3 - Someone will fall in love with the potential but he needs work.

Week 4
"Tweet: HB Deandre DeGeare can play... When he wants to. Too many games lately where he hasn't wanted to."
SMLE Draft Expert: DeGeare puts up good stats and is a weapon in the pass game but he hates contact and if there's not an open lane is easily shut down. I wouldn't trust him between the tackles so he's a 3rd down backup.
Combine Review: X - 
Player Comparison: Corey Grant - decent hands with some ability to make people miss but a lifetime backup. 
Draft Projection: Round 3 to 5 - a coach will need a 3rd down HB but expect a slide on draft day.

Week 6
"Tweet: looks like offensive linemen have figured out how to solve LE E.J. Nalen. Not a good sign for his draft stock"
SMLE Draft Expert: Nalen isn't a bad player, he's just a simple player. He's got a good motor, aggressive streak and young enough to develop but right now if you stop his bull rush dead with a TE chip block he doesn't have the repertoire of moves to recover.
Combine Review: X - 
Player Comparison: Trent Murphy - Simple high effort power rusher who does his job well but not flashy.
Draft Projection: Rounds 2 to 3 - Edge rushers are always in demand and some coach will think they can develop him.

Week 7
"Tweet: Lewis Drake, great D-Line prospect, just went down with long term injury, tough luck!"
SMLE Draft Expert: X.
Combine Review: X - 
Player Comparison: X.
Draft Projection: X.

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Re: Season 28 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:11 am

Madden Board

1LECedric Paymah22Power Rusher43
2HBBennett Wootton24Power Back
3LEE.J. Nalen21Power Rusher43
4QBMarkus Haggerty21Strong Arm
5HBTavin Oneill21Power Back
6LEWill Onatolu21Run Stopper
7REAllen Wadsworth23Speed Rusher
8LOLBLeVeon Waters22Power Rusher
9LTRussell Slowey21Agile
10LTDarren Rose22Agile
11WRFarrington Fisher22Red Zone Threat
12CBLeonard George21Man to Man
13CBRoss Horne23Slot
14LOLBTank Payne21Pass Coverage
15WRDaniel Turk21Possession
16CBKenneth Knight21Slot
17TEAnthony Laury21Blocking
18RGWill Dye22Agile
19LGMartinez Mahaffey21Pass Protector
20RGAnthony Mack24Pass Protector
21SSPierce Gholston22Run Support
22MLBLatwan Blackwell21Field General
23CBLynn Snow22Zone
24QBSealii Norman21West Coast
25HBDeandre DeGeare22Receiving Back
26MLBLarez Truluck24Field General
27RTTyre Barr22Power
28DTCrosby Barclay22Speed Rusher
29QBShawn Boling22West Coast
30DTShaman Gilbert21Run Stopper
31LGBrandan West22Pass Protector
32CBJoey Groce21Man to Man

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