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Season 32 Draft News

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Season 32 Draft News Empty Season 32 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:47 am

Week 1
"Most powerful man in football - He'll still hit the weight room, but strictly for workout purposes, as Thurman Davis has chosen to drop his pursuit of Olympic gold in powerlifting in favour of a football career."
SMLE Draft Expert: DE Davis is a short compact speed rusher who flies off the edge and around the bullhorn. He's got an insatiable appetite to chase down and hit anything with a ball in it's hands and his handwork is exceptional. My only concern is that he's short and undersized (6', 248lbs) to play the run or lineup over the OT this early on. Ideal fit in a Wide9 or 34 defense though.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: TJ Watt - Great get-off and established veteran level pass rush moves with a hunger to get the QB.
Draft Stock: Top16 pick - He's just too dominant and can play in the 43 or 34

Week 3
"Looks like offensive lines have figured out how to solve Martin Lowery. Not a good sign for his draft stock. "
SMLE Draft Expert: I don't believe the hearsay that DE Lowery is one dimensional, he's two dimensional - he can run the horn like a mad bull and when he gets there he's going to knock your teeth out. He just lacks the power and technique to push the OL so if he can't get around he's stuck up the middle.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Danielle Hunter - Undersized fast full-effort speed rusher who needed to develop his run and power game to be successful.
Draft Stock: Round 1 - No way this guy doesn't go in the 1st, but it's who is the top pass rusher off the board?

Week 5
"UCLA has been running behind Bush all season, and he keeps on clearing paths. He'll be solid at the next level."
SMLE Draft Expert: RT Bush is a man-imal!! He plays with incredible punch and drives defenders like he's a dozer! The only knock on his game is his inconsistent pass protection, there's a reason he plays RT but he does it incredibly well.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Bryant McKinnie - A man mountain of meat who plays great in run but questionable pass blocking.
Draft Stock: Top16 pick - There's usually a run on OL high but if he can't play LT he might lose stock.

"Star running backs on display - It was a statement for Isaiah McGriff, who ran wild in USFs victory over Ray Henry and Auburn."
SMLE Draft Expert: HB McGriff is an undersized jitterbug that are becoming all the rage in the NFL now. He has sleek moves, fantastic field vision and makes guys miss in the open field which is big now! The downside is the unknown of whether he can run up the middle and hold onto the rock...
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Shady McCoy - Insane combination of elusiveness and vision but needs blocking to succeed inside.
Draft Stock: Rounds 1 to 2 - There's a lot of HB on the market and the value is low for the position anyway.

SMLE Draft Expert: I am not worried about CB Henry's draft stock, he's a man cover DB who got owned in the open field by elite talent. What Henry brings to a team is next level lock down coverage but one might wonder about his potential.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Dominique Rogers-Cromartie - Nicknamed DRC or Doesn't Really Care, fantastic man cover corner who early on lacked drive and intangibles.
Draft Stock: Rounds 1 to 2 - Are there better CB in the class? Team needs might push a CB down the board if he can't play slot.

Week 9
"Word is Melvin Rutland has serious business aspirations, so much so that he's giving up football."
SMLE Draft Expert: SS Rutland has some talent and then some flaws. He's very young and high IQ but with not enough tape to suddenly drop football to finish college early. He'll need a good combine to move up draft boards considering scouts will think his heart isn't totally in football.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Karl Joseph - Smart good safety but doesn't excel and has limitations.
Draft Stock: Rounds 1 to 2 - It's not a great safety class and someone will think they can work with him if he's athletic enough.

Week 11
"Teams are coveting Marvin Hodge and what he brings to an O-line. He wont be around long in the NFL Draft."
SMLE Draft Expert: C Hodge is an elite talent pass protector which is all the rage in the NFL right now. He has amazing instincts at the line, great punch and his footwork is outstanding. What is unknown however is his ceiling if asked to run block and pull. I have few concerns as he's mastered his pass game... only you can't teach nasty.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: David Andrews - Elite pass blocker for an elite passing QB on a team that has only just rediscovered running the ball.
Draft Stock: Top16 - OL go high due to demand, good OL go higher.

"Raphael Anderson has games where his heart is not in it. Not a good sign for his NFL hopes."
SMLE Draft Expert: I really like the game film for HB "TMNT" Raphael Anderson until this one particular game. He's shown a propensity to check out of games and that will hurt his development in the long run. Having said that he's a nasty 240lb power runner who hurts defenders, gets in there face and never loses the rock, who wouldn't like that?
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: LeGarrette Blount - If he mothertrucking can get in done when asked, a poor combine and he's just Lendale White.
Draft Stock: Rounds 1 to 2 - Either someone will fall in love with him above anyone else or he's going later to a team who needs a short yardage cannonball.

Week 13
"Oscar McDaniels is ready for the NFL. Is the NFL ready for him? Amazing pass defender."
SMLE Draft Expert: I don't know what others are smoking but I'm not ready to buy the hype. McDaniels looks good on tape but because he was only ever asked to play off man. He can't press, he can't tackle and he can't play zone. Having said that, the one trick pony does that trick very well and he'll need an elite combine to save his stock from freefall.
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Nnamdi Asomugha - Elite man corner at the Raiders who looked pedestrian in the Eagles zone system.
Draft Stock: Rounds 2 to 3 - Combine dependant which could push him into round 1 but right now he's a project.

Week 15
"Heisman History - Joshua Hill added his name to the brief list of defensive players to win the Heisman Trophy, taking home the award in today's ceremony in New York City."
SMLE Draft Expert: Oh a defender got the Heisman... how rare... it never happens in Madden... Ever! Buuuutttt FS Hill definitely deserves to reach that peak. He's a zone hawking baller who can play the run game. If he turns in a decent combine he'll skyrocket up boards with his combination of size and zone cover skills. 
Combine Review: X
Player Comparison: Richard Sherman - I know he's a CB but very similar builds and zone cover playstyles.
Draft Stock: Round 1 - It's not a bad but not a good safety class and this guy is 6'bloody'4"!

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Season 32 Draft News Empty Re: Season 32 Draft News

Post by Mattanite on Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:44 pm

Madden Board

1MLBSean McCann22Pass Coverage
2QBRandy Loiseau21Strong Arm
3HBIsaiah McGriff21Elusive Back
4LTMichael McGavin23Agile
5WRRashawn Bird22Deep Threat
6MLBJulius Wagner21Pass Coverage
7LOLBRuben Brown22Run Stopper
8CBRay Henry23Man to Man
9WRDeSean Jefferson22Physical
10WRClinton Jarret21Deep Threat
11CBOscar McDaniels23Man to Man
12RTCedric Bush23Power
13REThurman Davis23Speed Rusher
14LOLBTavarres Forrest22Run Stopper
15LOLBTerrell Boatwright23Power Rusher
16FSJoshua Hill23Zone
17QBClayton Lawson22Improviser
18SSMelvin Rutland21Hybrid
19TEBuck Hobson23Vertical Threat
20TEClyde Campbell21Vertical Threat
21CBJuwan Bishop21Slot
22CBR.J. Birmingham21Slot
23CBKhyri Winter22Man to Man
24QBKent McLean22Strong Arm
25DTSergio Denton21Power Rusher
26CMarvin Gentry23Agile
27LTA.J. Foley21Power
28HBTyler Beck22Power Back
29CMarvin Hodge22Pass Protector
30CCooper Wagner22Power
31ROLBEli Smith22Speed Rusher
32LEMartin Lowery22Speed Rusher

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Season 32 Draft News Empty Re: Season 32 Draft News

Post by Bishbosh1985 on Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:30 pm

I need to draft Juwan Bishop...

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Season 32 Draft News Empty Re: Season 32 Draft News

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