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Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Post by Scoop_McLeak on Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:48 pm

Here it is the moment you've all been waiting for. No not the Super Bowl! Its time for Scoop's Draft Grades!

Some of you have been begging for them. Others fear them. No matter what, they were coming. Its inevitabable...

I've been lurking in the shadows waiting, grading, judging and most important of all drinking whiskey. The chips have fallen and I'm all out of whiskey so prepare for Scoop's wrath:

Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Pick 1st Position
1 SEA TE Ronny Steriti - CRAP
Don't get me wrong, I like Steriti ... like him a lot. HE can run, catch AND block. All the things you want a TE to do. But a TE with the first overall pick? Thats always gonna be a CRAP in my book unless he's as big as Gronk, runs like DJax and blocks like Ogden. Steriti is just a step below each of those guys so I have to knock him down. CRAP

2 NYG QB Ryen Irwin - CLAP
Eli Manning retired and New York fans rejoiced. No more 25+ INT seasons, no more Manning face but then they realized Nassib probably wasn't any better. Then through a stroke of luck The Seahawks didn't trade down and the best prospect in this draft fell right into their lap. Irwin is a true franchise QB that just might lead the New York Big Men back to the Big Game. CLAP

3 TEN LT Mustafa Fuqua - CLAP
Tenessee runs the Swiss Cheese defense holes everywhere and not willing to go to battle. So how could they get a CLAP for strengthening their strongest unit instead of throwing the defense a scrap? The answer is 33. Both starting tackles turned 33 this offseason and LT Roos is in serious decline. The Titans live and die with their run game so bolstering that strength is a good call, and Fuqua will anchor that line for years to come. CLAP

4 CLE WR Demontray Virges - CRAP
What Demontray lacks in height he also lacks in speed. I understand looking for a WR but he was not in my top 5 at the position. He is very good in the open field, has good hands and produced in a spread offense at Ole Miss but I just don't think he will be able to overcome his speed/height deficiencies at the NFL level. Way too high a pick for Virges. Quinton Turner would have been a better pick. CRAP

5 CHI RE Isaic Jolly - CLAP
Jolly will make Bears' fans happy for years to come. He was my top defender on the board and I know Coach Bishbosh is jumping for joy that Jolly fell this far. He is a Day 1 impact player that is versatile enough to fit any scheme. He is strong at the Point of Attack, has an arsenal of pass rushing moves that you rarely see in a rookie, has good track down speed and can even cover. I could see him being an All-Pro at 3-4 OLB, 4-3 DE, 3-4 DE, 4-3 DT or even 4-3 OLB. He is a D coordinators dream. CLAP

6 ARI CB Venson Decatur - CLAP
He will form a dangerous duo with PatP. NFC West WRs better hit the weight room or they will never get off the line. He has the best press technique I've ever seen coming out of college. Not a burner but decent speed and if you can't get off the line what does speed matter anyway? Also has better hands than most WRs in this class. CLAP

7 KC LOLB Montrae Sibert - Golf CLAP
After letting both All-Pro OLBs walk so they could give all that cash to Tom Brady it was obvious where the Chiefs would need to focus in the draft. But I just don't see Sibert's game translating well to the Pros. He does nothing exceptionally well. He may be a starter for 10 years but I doubt he will ever be an All-Pro player. He's serviceable at a position of need but with the 7th pick overall you want a star. Golf CLAP

8 MIA ROLB Rahmon Devitto - CLAP
I'm told the Miami brass was higher on Sibert than Devitto. I think they lucked out that KC took Sibert off the board. Everything that Sibert does Devitto does better. He played at UCF so some scouts are worried about his competition level in college. But the guy has skills that will translate to the Pro game. Good solid pick. Good against the run and can help provide pressure on blitzes. Just what the Phins needed. CLAP

9 IND via HOU MLB Rafael Abreu - CRAP
After other trades fell through once teams finally saw just how short TinY Hilton really is, the Colts finally worked out a deal to ship the Lil guy out of town. Indianapolis is No Country for Small Men because Andrew Luck likes his women tall and his receivers taller. With WRs Ashton Norris and Quinton Turner on the board the media was sure one of them would be the pick. But they threw us a curve and went after Plugger Abreu. He's a MLB known for plugging holes better than Super Mario. However I feel he lacks the speed to be a sideline to sideline player. A MLB this high should be a sideline to sideline, 3-Down player. Leland Tyrell fit that prototype but Abreu does not. With better picks Tyrell and Turner on the board I have to say CRAP.

10 JAX CB Sil Olugbode - CLAP
Excellent pick, excellent value. This guy is a true shutdown corner. Man him up on your opponents best WR and don't worry about anything else the rest of the day. Revis may have an island Sil has an Abode. CLAP

11 OAK LE Dr. Kwabena Boenzi - CLAP
Boenzi went to Washburn College on a Rugby scholarship to study medicine. When Boenzi was a sophomore assistant EMT while the football coach suffered a heart attack following another winless season, the coach thought he died and went to heaven when he awakened to see this monster of a man (6'7" 276lbs). Six months later, although new to the game of football, Boenzi quickly learned to dominate his opponents and injured about a dozen QBs on his way to the DII sack record. He's raw but he's a quick learner and should be a day 1 impact player for tha Raidas who could use a shot in the arm on defense. CLAP

12 CAR HB Lincoln Holmes - CRAP
One thing is for sure, Carolina love them some RBs. Their main free agent acquisition this offseason was HB Ahmad Bradshaw. Johnathan Stewart is already making too much money. ANd in the draft they use their first TWO picks on HBs. Holmes did dominate at USC over his tenure in LA as he broke the college rushing record. I like him as an NFL prospect as well. He is tough to bring down elusive in the open-field even though he won't be breaking many long gainers at the next level. I just think the Panthers had bigger needs at WR, OL, and most importantly QB, since New England showed Cash Newton the money ($175 gazillion 8O). Holmes may be an upgrade over what the Panthers have but unless they plan on running the old Four Horsemen offense this pick could have gone to sure up other areas. CRAP

13 TB LOLB Manessah Gwin - Golf CLAP
All he does is Gwin, Gwin, GWin, GWin. Manessah racked up awards while at Rutgers and swallowed up any offender who got close to him. The problem is does he have the speed to get close enough to NFL offenders? Solid tacklers are hard to find these days so you have to give Gwin something for that. His athleticism leaves something to be desired. But he should be a solid contributor for the Bucs. Golf CLAP

14 BUF SS Timothy Marcus - CLAP
He's big. Hes' strong. He's fast. But is he a football player? RIght now, the answer is no. But he's got a ton of potential and the phyiscal tools. If Coach Slash can get him coached up he could have himself quite a player. And with Byrd departing for Houston they need someone to fill his shoes. CLAP

15 ATL TE Dezrick Carr - CLAP
The Falcons offense was missing something since Tony Gonzalez retired. Consider that void filled. Carr has the body of a Hummer but a Ferrari engine. And he's got hands like a Rolls Royce Doeskin interior. Okay, took the Carr analogy too far right? Either way, Carr should make Atlanta fans forget about Tony G. CLAP

16 WAS RT Cameron Burrell - CLAP
The Skins finally have a first rounder again. Apparently, RGIII is running the team now. First he told Dan Snyder either him or the coach. And coach Ed-Mad was shown the door. Apparently, he also told Dan he was tired of getting sacked. SO they went out and made a smart pick. I can't believe it. CLAP

17 GB CB Alvaro Ochotukpo - CLAP
Nicknamed the Octopus at Oregon State because he got his tentacles on everything. This is a great pick for Green Bay. After watching Sam Shields win Super Bowl MVP honors a year after leaving the Frozen Tundra, the Packers realized how important a good CB can be. Octopus will need to refine his technique but he has the skills to succeed. CLAP

18 DET DT Chaz Crawford - CLAP
Losing Nick Fairley hurts. Fortunately Chaz Crawford fell to the Lions at pick 18. He excels at many of the same areas that Fairley did but is cheaper. Thats good for a penny-pinching owner in Detroit. But fans can't be too happy that the Lions let quality players like Fairley walk and completely stayed out of the free agent market while they are sitting on $40 million in cap space

19 PIT SS Romel Moultry - CRAP
Troy "The Samoan Headhunter" finally hung up his spikes this offseason. Steelers fans were in dismay over this move. So the Pittsburgh brass went out and got a hard-hitting SS to make Steelers fans forget about Troy. Romel can hit. I'll tell you that. But ummmm running, thats not really his thing. Lets list the first round picks that ran slower 40's than Moultry. . That was the list. Nobody ran slower than Romolasses Moultry. Not the 350 DT. None of the O-lineman. Hell Rich Eisen beat him in the 40. So WRs watchout! If you run a route directly into Moultry prepare to get knocked out. If you run anywhere to the right or left of him start thinking of a TD dance cuz he ain't gonna catch you. CRAP

20 SD WR Madison Billi - CRAP
Little Billi finally graduated from school. He's a slow learner but at least he's quick on his feet and a good route runner. Catching the ball? Not really his forte. Unfortunately for the Chargers catching the ball is an important element of being a Receiver. Lets see if the Chargers can find an economy size bucket of Stickem somewhere. CRAP

21 STL C Deon'tae Narcisse - CRAP
The Narcissist prides himself on two things. His looks and his pass blocking. Getting dirty and run blocking are his dislikes. He may have been the top Center prospect but a Center that doesn't run block isn't worhtth a first rounder in my book. Maybe Rams Coach Noto can work on this with him. Until then... CRAP

22 SF WR Lacy Middlebrook - CLAP
San Fran sured up their receiver corps last year with first round pick Tyre Locksley. When Boldin decided to call it quits this year that opened up another hole in the 49ers offense. Coach Jimmy was quick to fill it and Middlebrook brings a lot of positives to the table. He may not have the hands of Boldin just yet but he is definitely faster and has been known to put in extra work to improve in other areas. I think he'll only get better as the season moves on. Great pick. CLAP

23 NYJ MLB Jonathan Hollimon - CLAP
Demorrio Davis did a great job in the middle of the Jets' 3-4 defense last season but the other ILB spot left something to be desired. Hollimon should be an immediate upgrade and will form a nice Duo with Davis. CLAP

24 DEN TE Taje Bryant - CLAP
They lost Julius Thomas in free agency. So what? They just went out and got an even faster TE. At 6'7" he's an even bigger target than JT but TB will have to work on his hands if he expects to fill Thomas' shoes. The physical tools are there and at this stage in the first round taking a flyer on a guy with huge potential is wortthy of a CLAP.

25 DAL via NE MLB Leland Tyrell - CLAP
After Jason Witten retired, I bet Coach ET was pining for Taje Bryant. Seeing him get snatched up one pick before him must of been heartbreaking. But Tyrell is a great consolation prize. Leland was the top LB on my board and getting him here is excellent value. But after signing Von Dollar to a record breaking 6 year $150 million contract how are they gonna get all these LBs on the field? They've got Pro-Bowl players Miller, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and last year's first rounder and country music sensation Ric Fleury. Is Fleury planning on giving up football for the Dixie Music or is coach ET planning on installing a new 2-5 defense? Either way the Tyrell is too good to pass up here. CLAP

26 IND WR Quinton Turner - CLAP
I gave the Colts crap before for drafting a 2-down MLB in the top 10 when Quinton Turner was available at another position of need. But they went ahead and TOTALLY redeemed themselves! They got Turner anyway. He's fast, he can catch and he is already a refined route runner. And most important of all, at 6'1" he is just tall enough to ride the rides at Coltland. The top WR on my board and a top 10 talent. Great fit, great player, great pick. CLAP

27 NO HB Shaynon Simon - CLAP
The Saints were already weak at HB. Then Sproles retired. After that it was obvious the Saints would need to go HB early. And they got a good one in Simon. The former Hoya earned FCS All-American honors and is a complete back. He is shifty in the open field with great uke and spin moves. He can catch and even pass block. Thats a skill that most HBs don't have as rookies. But Georgetown knows how to churn out quality RBs. CLAP

28 MIN DT Lucas Ruel - CLAP
A recurring theme this draft. A great player retires and his team replaces him in the draft. Ruel won't fill Kevin "QB Monster" Williams's beltline though. He's a player more in the mold of former first round pick Shariff Floyd. Ruel should contribute as an impact interior rusher on passing downs. He needs to hit the weight room before he can be expected to plug the middle on first downs though. CLAP

29 DAL LT Wisler Rigsy - CLAP
Another recurring thing is the Cowboys getting great value in this draft. Did somebody lock Jerry Jones in a closet the whole draft? A few picks earlier Dallas got the top Linebacker in the draft. And now at pick 29 they got the best offensive lineman. They also got my steal of the draft and were in my opinion the clear winners on Draft Day. Will that help them get over the hump and into the Super Bowl? We'll have to find outlater. For now .... CLAP

30 BAL MLB Jabri Augustin - Golf CLAP
Who wins in a race between Romel Moultry, Jabri Augustin and a snail? My money's on the snail. What Jabri lacks in speed he makes up for in tackling and block shedding ability. The difference for Jabri is that he plays MLB and not SS like Molasses. The Ravens D will funnel plays into him and Augustin will make opposing offenses pay. Because of the fit I will give this golf Clap but I am clapping ever so quietly on this one. Golf CLAP

31 IND via CIN CB George Afo - CRAP
The Colts were wheelin and dealin on Draft Day. They ended up with 12 picks total. 3 of which were in the first round. I think they ended up with 1 star, a solid starter and a question mark. Afo is the question mark in my opinion. He fills a need but I think he's too slow to be succesful at corner in this league. After two AFC South Championships I almost gave Coach Josh the benefit of the doubt on this pick but then I remembered, I' m Scoop McLeak if I have my doubts then it must be ... CRAP!

32 PHL RE Andres White - CLAP
Rounding out the first round are the reigning champ Eagles with their Coach Brza. LAst offseason they shocked everybody by orchestrating a series of trades to finagle the number 1 overall pick. That pick paid dividends as QB Garrett McCadden went on to win the Rookie of the Year award and led Philly to a Super Bowl Championship. This year they had a quiet offseason and stayed put in the draft. What they ended up with is one of the most versatile defenders in the draft, Andres White. He was listed at DE at Eastern Illinois but they lined him up all over the place. He's fast, he's strong and a serviceable cover man. The Eagles had 3 Pro-Bowl LBs last season but Trent Cole is getting long in the tooth. I expect Coach Brza will find a way to get White involved in the D and putting pressure on opposing QBs. CLAP

And as a bonus my Steal of the Draft award.
There were a couple candidates. One was the Dolphins stealing a starting OG, a rotational DT and Mr. Irrelevant for a second rounder in a weak draft class. ANother candidate was the new Giants' coach Han for late 2nd and 3rd Rounders. Another master trade was the Pats scoring a shutdown CB for 1st and 2nd Round picks.

But my real steal of the draft had to come in the 6th Round:
Cowboys - QB Blake Bell in the 6th Round
He may be small but good things come in small packages, at least thats what my mother told me. You won't find a more accurate passer in this draft, hell you won't find many in the whole league. 98 Short Accuracy takes the cake and will fit right into the Cowboys Dink & Dunk passing game. WIth Romo in retirement, there will be a QB competition in Dallas as they also drafted a speedy Smithey in the second round. But mark my words Bell will come out on top and have Cowboys fans saying "Como Romo?". Bell along with Von Dollar, and the Cowboys' first round picks makes Dallas the league favorites for Super Bowl XI.

And thats the Roundup. Cry about it or prove old Scoop wrong. Just remember Scoop is always right.

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Re: Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Post by RyanBendis on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:24 pm

??? Bell was available at the 6th Round? really? i was looking for him at the 3rd round but couldnt find him ... thats unbelievable!!!! Sad

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Re: Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Post by xxeternalxx on Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:13 pm

I thought he was a bum because he flopped at the combine, just noticed him around the 5th and tried to get him, system glitch made us carry on to the 6th and he was still there. I'd only scouted his speed, brza told me he had 98 short accuracy or something!

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Re: Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Post by xxeternalxx on Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:14 pm

Love the writeup scoop!

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Re: Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

Post by Stefennn on Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:15 pm

Couldn't believe it either, I drafted some gunf QB just to get my roster up to 3 while Blake was still on the board. I just hadn't scouted him to have any idea... Fail

Love the recap though!

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Season 11 -  Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap Empty Re: Season 11 - Round 1 Draft Grades - Clap or Crap

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