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Scoop's Weekly Roundup Season 3

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Re: Scoop's Weekly Roundup Season 3

Post by Scoop_McLeak on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:36 pm


TeamPass Rush T/O Ratio 3rd % Rank
Vikings 2 3 1 1 1
Raiders 12 2 3 2 2
Packers 5 9 4 5 3
Texans 8 4 2 10 4
Bears 1 8 13 3 5
Eagles 3 7 12 6 6
Cardinals 9 6 10 4 7
Titans 4 1 15 11 8
Steelers 6 11 5 12 9
Panthers 14 5 6 9 10
Patriots 11 12 7 8 11
Ravens 10 10 14 7 12
Cowboys 7 13 8 13 13
Falcons 13 14 9 14 14
Saints 15 15 11 15 15

Team Rush Pass Sacks 3rd % Rank
Eagles 5 1 1 1 1
Steelers 2 3 3 4 2
Raiders 3 6 6 2 3
Ravens 4 8 7 5 4
Vikings 6 11 4 3 5
Panthers 1 10 8 6 6
Bears 13 9 2 7 7
Saints 9 5 11 18 8
Falcons 7 7 12 11 9
Texans 14 12 5 9 10
Cardinals 15 2 13 13 11
Patriots 11 4 14 15 12
Cowboys 10 13 10 12 13
Packers 8 14 15 10 14
Titans 12 15 9 14 15

You may be wondering where the cutting edge analysis, wit and general excellence of old Scoop has been for the past couple of weeks, well, as part of my SML responsibilities i have had to attend the Football Writers Drinking Competition in Bavaria. The outcome was somewhat inevitable, i won, but the reason i have been recovering was prior to the contest itself (drinking 3 bottles of whisky in 2 hours) i popped into the bar opposite the hotel 3 hours before the competition started just to check that i could do it!

So, you are no doubt looking at the charts provided and wondering what it all means - i'll explain. The teams are ranked in the main categories i.e. 1= best and 15 = worst. We currently have 15 owners although the Cowboys and Falcons have just joined - with the Chiefs omitted as they were cpu prior to going to press.

Ok, lets start at the top:-

Raiders: The number 1 rated team thanks to the rushing attack, proving if you can pound the rock you have a better chance of winning games. However, the most impressive stat is the 3rd down % - ranked 2nd on offense AND defense.
Superbowl anyone?

Vikings: The Vikes, like the Raiders love to run, but have an impressive pass attack too which gives them the No1 rank OVR on offense. Seems the Vikes have concentrated a little more on coverage defensively, whilst still generating a decent pass rush, averaging 3 sacks per game. A repeat SB is very possible!

Eagles: Number one on D injust about everything thanks to the league's best LB corps. The only area the Birds need to improve on is the turnover ratio - thats mainly because QB's are just throwing the ball away rather than get battered by Savoie, Rucker and co.

Steelers: Pittsburgh are the AFC's version of the Eagles with a punishing D and an effective pass attack. If Pitt have SB aspirations they are going to need to get more production out of their ground game - or the big boys will be laying in wait come the playoffs.

Bears: Chicago boast the leagues top ranked pass attack (in yards) complemented by a decent run game even after losing their starting HB.
Injuries hit hard and the run D has suffered - with everyone healthy Chicago just may sneak into the playoffs.

Texans: Houston has an impressive record but the tough games are just about to start. No problem moving the ball but they will need to tighten up on D as they have yielded too many yards to mediocre opponents. A small adjustment and the Texans are likely to be back in the AFC Conf game for the 3rd successive season.

Panthers: Carolina have gone about their business in a very efficient way on O and D. Boasting the No1 run D in the league, if the Panthers can tighten the secondary and get a few more interceptions momentum could arrive just at the right time.

Ravens: The loss of Old Man Ray hasn't affected Baltimore too badly on D - still damn tough to move the ball on these guys. Their problem is offense - ranked 10th in both pass and run the Ravens need to change things quickly if they want another deep journey into the post season.

Packers: The league's No3 rated offense have been struggling on D against the pass in particular. Green Bay need to crank up the pass rush and due to this they are involved in fantastically entertaining games! If the D can adjust GB can still claim to be a serious contender.

Cards: Arizona have a very impressive pass attack and an explosive HB too - thier problem however is stopping the run. The Cards may have to wait till the draft to address the run D and are likely to suffer in the playoffs unless they can stiffen up that front 7.

Titans: Tennessee have CJ - but turnovers could kill their season. The Titans are the 15th ranked defensive team in yards allowed and whilst entertaining, the risk and reward style may have them coming up short against the AFC defensive juggernauts.

Patriots: New England are very likely going to make the playoffs due mainly to their 3rd down completion % in a tough division where small margins will win out. Can the Patriots threaten the big boys - maybe next season yes - but the playoffs have come a little early for a developing team.

Saints: The Saints are ranked No1 in improvement and are no longer a pushover. Offense is still a work in progress but has improved dramatically and the D has posted a very creditable 8th OVR rank for yards against thanks to excellent pass defense. Watch out next year!

Catch you all later - when we are a bit closer to the business end of the season!


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Re: Scoop's Weekly Roundup Season 3

Post by Pooky18 on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:49 am

Being harsh on the cards D! Only let two touchdowns in 7 weeks, only letting double digits twice in them 7 weeks!

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