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M19 Team Build Information

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M19 Team Build Information

Post by Mattanite on Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:50 pm

I'll be updating this thread as more information comes out but hoping to build a grimoire of information regarding the schemes/archetype team building aspect coming to Madden 19. 

The information presented below is based on various sources and my own interpretations. Links below:

Coach Schemes
Each coach can set an offensive and defensive scheme as according to the options below:

West Coast Zone Run
West Coast Power Run
Vertical Zone Run
Vertical Power Run
Multiple Power Run
Multiple Zone Run
Run and Shoot

Base 4-3
Multiple 4-3
Base 3-4
Multiple 3-4
Tampa 2 

The desired player archetype for the positions in that scheme is likely set (waiting on twitter), so if you choose a vertical zone run, it will set your QB, HB, WR etc etc archetypes as according to that. The overall fit of a team is expressed as a %, so if you are at 100% then every player on either offense or defense is within 3 OVR points of your desired archetype (e.g. WR could be 85 deep threat but 83 redzone threat therefore still count towards your % fit even though they don't fit the desired archetype. This is all known as Scheme Fit. It's likely that the % scheme fit displayed is just cosmetic... Would be fun if it affected team performance or boosts though. 

Player Archetype
There are now up to four player archetypes for each position, every player displays their OVR for each archetype on their player summary. It highlights which scheme archetype the player fits but also highlights with a tag the current Coach Scheme too. Archetypes known so far:

QB - Scrambler, Strong Arm, West Coast, Field General
HB - Elusive, Power, Receiving 
FB - Blocking, Utility
WR - Deep Threat, Possession, Red Zone Threat, Slot
TE - Vertical Threat, Possession, Blocking
OL - Pass Protector, Agile, Power 
DL - Run Stopper, Power Rusher, Speed Rusher
OLB - Pass Coverage, Run Stopper, Speed Rusher, Power Rusher 
MLB - Field General, Pass Coverage, Run Stopper 
CB - Man Coverage, Zone Coverage, Slot Corner 
S - Zone Coverage, Run Support, Hybrid 
K - Power/Accurate 
P - Power/Accurate 

The player archetype is essentially what is their highest OVR, so OBJ is a Deep threat at 95OVR but still counts towards the Scheme Fit as he's 93OVR in the other three categories. Player archetypes can change as detailed next section. 

The development trait is still a feature and there are four categories, apparently Dev is a lot more fluid this year based on stats and awards:
Superstar - The new upper echelon of XP earning. 
Star - assumed to be similar to the old Superstar Dev. 
Quick - assumed to be still the same. 
Normal - assumed to be still the same, getting rid of Slow was a PR move with NFL players. 

Player Development
So you have a Coach Scheme, you have a scheme fit, you have a player archetype and you have a player. How does it all tie together. 

Despite having a Coach Scheme with a set desired archetype, skill points can be spent developing a player as any archetype, so if you run with a Power Back you can still upgrade him as an Elusive Back but he won't go up in Power OVR. The boosts are variable, you can't chose what is progressed and you can't see before hand. It was hinted that physical attributes can still be upgraded...

Players who fit the Scheme Fit (their highest OVR matches the desired Archetype) get an XP boost in Weekly training. Therefore finding players who match your desired archetype will accumulate skill points quicker and therefore get better as the desired archetype player. 

If a player spends enough time developing a player along a certain archetype, they will slowly (or quickly depending on Dev) become more and more of a fit with that archetype. So if you draft a Superstar Field General QB but you have a desired archetype for a Scrambler QB, eventually you can boost that player to become primarily a Scrambler QB and then the XP boost kicks in. 

You can no longer purchase Player Traits, these are tied to the player. 

Player regression has changed and it's not a guaranteed drop of certain attributes given a certain age, it's a little bit more random. And Freaks exist that won't regress either.

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Re: M19 Team Build Information

Post by Mattanite on Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:35 pm

Will think of a better signature later...

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Re: M19 Team Build Information

Post by zill_kills on Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:44 am

Im curious how those freaks are identified as this will have massive implication when trading ageing players

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Re: M19 Team Build Information

Post by Sponsored content

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